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Principal's Message

Fr Mathews Chackalackal CMI

The community had at that time a definite plan and a clear vision of the Thiruvallam project. The purpose of the project was to make the establishment eventually independent of Christ Hall Monastery and had it over to the CMI provincial House when the school becomes economically viable. A part of the building of the Christ Nagar Public School (CBSE) was constructed with 24 classes at an approximate construction cost of 80 lakhs. This was only one fourth of the building as per the master plan prepared by Rev Fr E C John CMI and the building was to be completed stage by stage as situation demanded.

I quote from the Chronicle of Christ Hall Monastery page 305,” I would like to mention that the noble venture has become a reality because of the cooperation and whole hearted support from the members of Christ Hall community and the parents of the students of Christ Nagar School under the able and dynamic leadership of Fr.Thomas Vempala CMI.

On this Vicennial Year, we recall with much gratitude the young inmates of Christ Hall Monastery for their heroic efforts and sacrifices for this project. From then on, Christ Nagar, Thiruvallam became part of history marked by events and incidents, achievements and accomplishments, records and recognitions. I had the joy of watching at close range from Kowdiar in later years the remarkable developments taking place on this hill top school under the brilliant leadership of a succession of Mangers and Principals ably supported by the staff and the parent community.

The glorious 9 years period of Dr Fr Mathew Thengumpally CMI as Principal saw a big takeoff of the school in all areas. Academics Particularly touched the orbit of excellence. Rev Fr Mathew Arekalam CMI took the School through an infrastructural revolution-a Chavara stadium, a multipurpose auditorium and a beautiful Junior School to mention only a few. The short 4 month period of Rev.Fr Sebastian Attichira CMI witnessed a sudden second takeoff of the School in academics which still continues.

The fact that I am here today to preside over the yearlong Vicennial Celebration of the School is only a divine plan. And now, the baton is passed on into our hands to carry it forward and we need to undertake a vigorous action programme upholding the lofty ideals of the education as envisaged by our founder St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara. May this garden of virtues continue to stand as a beacon on this hilltop of Thiruvallam brightening up the villages around and bringing allround growth of the people. May god bless us all .

Mentor and Guide

Fr. Cyriac Kochupura CMI
Director, Junior School

We often say that the school is the second home for the children. If it is so, the teachers are the second moms. I am very much thankful to the lord for destining to me a part of this wonderful home, the “akashamoksham” in the words of St Chavara. I could see God’s loving presence in the innocent smile of the children.

I have seen children bringing flowers for their teachers and embarrassing them with Intimacy.
I have seen children crying because their dear teachers is on leave.
I have seen children sitting on the lap of their teachers with a secure feeling on their faces.
Yes, it is really an “akashamoksham” !!!
Thank you lord for bringing me here.
And my sincere prayer is
Lord our God
Protect our children,
From dangers seen and unseen,
Bless our teachers,
Bless Christ Nagar,